Accreditation of education program is the recognition of an outside organization about the quality of a training program or a training organization. Accreditation is the recognition of an external organization about the education quality of a program or an educational organization. For recognition of education program on the national level there exists National Center of the Development of the Education Quality in Georgia. All actual education programs of Georgian Technical University, as well as other official education organizations, are accredited by this center for the reason to be recognized on the national level. Issue from the modern condition of the world, interests of the state require that the education programs of the leading universities were recognized outside of the country. The more is the acknowledgement of the authority of concrete university on the international level, the more is the importance of the university on the national level. Therefore practically all of universities strive to the improvement their authority by all possible methods. There are different indicators influencing on the authority of the university: qualification of faculty that is estimated by the number and levels of publications, studying environment defined by facilities and institutional support, number of national and international projects fulfilled by the staff, importance of the results obtained in the frame of the university, success in the business of former students after completing education, recognition of education programs by leading companies of the world and so on. International accreditation means the recognition of these indicators of the university on international level.
ABET is an internationally recognized leading accreditation organization. It accredits the quality of education programs in Engineering, Technology, Computing and Applied Science areas. ABET accreditation have many benefits for students, universities and the society in whole.
Enrolled in an ABET accredited program, students will:
  • Receive a quality education program that satisfies requirements of professional organizations. The programs that are accredited by ABET must be continuously improved based on the feedback from industries, alumni, etc.
  • Have more opportunities to develop their personal careers after graduation as ABET is an internationally recognized organization, many companies have stated their priority to recruit graduates from ABET accredited programs.
  • Have advantages when working for American companies, or pursuing American professional certificates.
When an educational program is granted ABET accreditation that means:
  • The quality of the education program is globally recognized.
  • The academic unit in charge of the program (Faculty/Department) has been working hard to deliver best teaching practices to help students achieve necessary knowledge and skills for their future careers.
  • Faculty members have to participate in self-evaluation processes to continuously improve teaching quality.
  • The quality of students’ achievements is the primary measurement of the quality of teaching activities in this education program.
  • Student exchanges among accredited programs are made easier.
Benefits for the society are the following:

ABET is an organization established by professional associations, and the accreditation criteria used by ABET reflect the expectation of society from educational programs. Therefore, achieving ABET accreditation confirms that the quality of accredited programs have met professional requirements of the society. Adjustment process when preparing for ABET accreditation is an educational product that meets the needs of society. The process of adjusting educational programs during the preparation step to satisfy ABET standards is exactly the process of tailoring educational products to meet the demand of the society.
For example: While Vietnamese economy needs to attract foreign investment, achieving accreditation from American professional associations confirms that the country human resources are well trained, and hence helps to attract more investments. This is reflected in some of the actions of large companies. For example: Boeing funded the entire budget for ABET workshop in Vietnam in 2007 and partially in 2008; Intel has been invested in some projects with a request that curricula of programs involved with these projects will be eventually accredited by ABET.
After obtaining the opportunity to get ABET accredited programs, Georgian Technical University co-operates with San Diego State University that provides consultancy services in order to assess education programs and designs of investment to build capacity for ABET accreditation of Georgian three leading universities: Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University. Information about programs that are preparing for ABET accreditation in Georgian Technical University on this stage is given in the “Programs” section.